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This week we challenge you to create artwork using the color RED. Whether it’s a monochromatic look or combinations with blue, orange, green, turquoise, brown, white, etc. … Show us how you translate the RED challenge.

Diese Woche fordern wir Dich auf, etwas in ROT zu kreieren. Egal, ob es ein monochromatischer Look ist oder in Kombination mit Blau, Orange, Grün, Türkis, Braun, Weiß, etc. … Zeig uns, wie Du das Thema ROT umsetzt.

Participants/Teilnehmer: Belinda, Hermine, Ingrid, Ulla1, Nellie1, Ilonka, Sigrid, Nancy J., Rein1, Klaartje, Christianne, Christine, Godelieve, Sija, Yvonne, Mary Ann, Svenja, Angelika, Nellie2, Johanna, Loona, Ulla2, Ally, Rein2, Creani, Melba, Kirsten, Susanne, Jenny L., Manja and Tina.

35 Responses

  1. Hi,

    Here is my entrance for this weeks theme. Great theme again. I love to work with themes, it makes you more creative.


    Thanks for watching.


  2. Hallo zusammen,
    hier ist mein roter Beitrag🙂
    LG Ulla

  3. Oops, hab den Link vergessen…
    Hier ist er:
    LG Ulla

  4. A real challenge for me this week because red isn’t one of my favorite colors. But I made one anyway🙂


  5. Here comes my contribution for this weeks challenge:


    Ulla and me had the same idea – funny!


  6. Hi there,

    here you go with this week’s contribution:


    Take care,


  7. Red – a good challenge! I created a “Red Bebe” collage.
    thanks for the challenge!!!


  8. Mein Beitrag für diese Woche. ATC queen Astrid


  9. Hello,

    I changed my address, because people couldn’t leave a comment without a registration:


  10. Here is my card for the Red theme
    Love seeing all your work, thanks for sharing.


  11. http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/view?p=999&gid=12581371&uid=6497222

    Hi everybody, here is my first entry.
    Hope you like it!


  12. Hier kommt mein Beitrag zum Thema Red.


  13. Here is my entrance for this weeks theme. Red, one of my favorite color.


  14. I made another one today. An ATC this time.

    Thanks for watching


  15. hallo,
    hier ist mein beitrag zum thema :rot /red.


    Lg Loona

  16. Hallo zusammen,
    hier ist mein 2. Beitrag zum Thema ROT:
    LG Ulla

  17. Hallo..
    .. so jetzt habe ich es auch mal geschafft einen Beitrag zu gestalten🙂

  18. Hi everybody,

    I have a question. If I click on the Url from Rein2, I get the message NOT FOUND, am I doing something wrong???


  19. Rein seems to have modified the title, that’s why. Put the good one in now. And noticed at the same time, that Rein was not on the regular blogroll, so she’s in now. Thanks for letting us now.

  20. Hallo
    Mein Beitrag zum Thema ROT :


    LG Susanne

  21. Since I finished something red yesterday, I want to join in the fun.


  22. Durch das Mekka bin ich leider erst heute dazu gekommen, meinen roten Beitrag zu stempeln und hochzuladen. / Due to the stamping fair in Hagen (called Stempel-Mekka) I am a bit late again, but I hope, you like my red card.
    Here it is: http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/view?p=999&gid=12352044&uid=6365837&members=1
    and if that doesn’t work: http://www.picturetrail.com/tglom

  23. Rather late this week, but here is my contribution. Somehow red did not really inspire me even though it is a color I like!


  24. I realise why I was not too inspired with my creation. I think red looks much nicer when it is not used in monotone; belinda’s creation with that teal makes the red much nicer! I am going to try and rework my envelope with red and some other colors.

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