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This week is all about EGGS! As always we leave it entirely up to your imagination how to incorporate them in your creations.

Diese Woche dreht sich alles um EIER! Wie immer überlassen wir es ganz und gar Deiner Phantasie, wie Du sie in Deinen Kreationen verwendest.

79 Responses

  1. made 2 tags using the same image, just different styles, hope to play more with this challenge

  2. I love it when there is a coincidence with the themes! Here are some cards that I just posted with an Easter Egg theme!


  3. Hat nicht geklappt – sorry


    Dani D

  4. das ging gerade einfach von der hand :-))))
    liebe grüße

  5. hallo zusammen,
    hier ist mein beitrag


    Liebe Grüße

  6. Here is my entry for the eggs theme. Made this card a little while ago for a Egg Shape booklet.



  7. What will you come up with next? Great stuff and what fun! My “EGGS~TRAVAGANZA” will leave you shell~shocked (HA HA)

  8. Quite a challenge since I don’t really do eggs but I loved the recent eggs printed in Somerset studio so tried to use them. Background is stamped and so are the birds!

  9. Here is my ‘Eggstraordinary’ egg card!!! in my blog.
    Hope you like it. Loved this different challenge.
    Love Cynthia x

  10. Moin… zwar ohne Ei-Motiv, dafür in Ei-Form 😉 Hier kommt mein Beitrag:


  11. Hi! Here is my entry for this week’s ‘eggs’ challenge:


  12. great theme, here’s my take on it!


  13. … und noch mal Eier


    LG Dani D

  14. ok……… this is the 1st time i’ve submitted anything,we all have to start somewhere

  15. oooh, ich hab doch gar nicht so viel zeit wie ich eier-werke machen möchte;)

    @cora: i tried to comment, but somehow i couldn´t… LOVE it!

  16. Here is my short and quick entry for this week, too busy right now



  17. Hallo zusammen,
    hier ist mein Beitrag:


    Liebe Grüße,

  18. So many contributions already!
    Please find mine here…
    thanks :0) Jo

  19. Hier mein allererster Beitrag 🙂


    Liebe Grüsse, Ariane

  20. here’s my attempt at this week’s theme :o)


  21. Here are my eggs:


    Warm greetings from Tenerife,

  22. I hope this is OK there only being one! This challenge certainly was a challenge! Great fun though.

  23. The egg is laid, hope you like it. The egg is made with the blonde moments powder and there’s gold lumiere around the card and over the green color. So a lot of shimmer going on here wich can’t be seen in the pic, sorry.


  24. This is my entry for this week….
    Hope you like it!!!


    Nancy Dooren

  25. ….alle guten Dinge sind 3


    Liebe Grüße
    Dani D

  26. here is my totally silly ATC – for some reason the Beatle’s came to mind with this challenge…:)

    I am the Egg Man

  27. hallo.. hier kommt mein Beitrag. So ganz glücklich bin ich mit meinem Werk nicht, irgendwie hat mich die Muse einfach verlassen.
    Gruß Moni

  28. Hello, great idea.
    here is my contribution.


  29. Great theme – gave me a chance to use my egg images from the latest Oxford Impression’s stamp plate!

    Here is my submission:


  30. Excellant challenge! I only have 1 egg stamp so heres my contribution to this weeks theme:

    Keep these GREAT challenges coming 🙂

  31. Ist mal bitte jemand so nett und ändert rechts in der Linkliste bei meinem Namen. den Link. Da steht immer noh das PT drin. ich danke euch- gruß Moni

  32. This was fun! I missed the last 2, so I’m playing catch-up!

  33. wer lange sucht, findet auch ein ei;)

    lg fatma

  34. Hello,
    Here is my contribution:


    It needed some hatching, but finally got it!!
    Craft Greetings,

  35. How handy! Just bought a egg punch last week, more of the egg, less of the stamping I’m afraid!

  36. Gute heute Leute! That’s Germanglish for ‘good day, folks’, of course. This is my first entry ever on Wednesday Stamper! Thinking about eggs actually took me on many long-winding paths – DNA etc (and in fact, my little collage does have my own fingerprints imprinted on the eggs!) – but in the end, it came to this:


    Hope you like!

    Viele gruesse, Charlotte Kemsley

  37. This is my first time to participate but certainly not my last! I use eggs and birds often in my art, so this challenge was very much to my liking.


    Karen Owen

  38. Another tough challenge this week… Hope you like it.

  39. This was a tough one. Here’s my contribution:

  40. Fun Challenge…better late than never for my post…


  41. What a lot of fantastic cards entered into this challenge, mine is on my blog

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