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This week the challenge is the color BLUE. Whether you’re feeling blue that the Summer holidays are (almost) over now or it’s your favorite color or it makes you think of the beach or some exotic fish … We’re looking forward to seeing your new blue interpretation. And don’t forget to use at least one stamp somewhere. (BTW – we’re back with weekly challenges.)

Diese Woche ist die Farbe BLAU die Herausforderung. Egal, ob es Deine Lieblingsfarbe ist oder Du an den Strand oder einen exotischen Fisch denkst … Wir freuen uns auf Deine neue blaue Interpretation. Und nicht vergessen, mindestens ein Stempelchen irgendwo einzusetzen. (Übrigens gibt’s hier jetzt wieder wöchentliche Herausforderungen.)


105 Responses

  1. looking forward to seeing lots of different blue shades …

  2. Love this color!!! This si my entry for this week:

    Nans (nancy dooren)

  3. Here’s my first one

    I’m so pleased to have founf Wednesday Stamper! I’ll be back every week!

  4. Here’s mine. Looking forward to seeing all yours.

  5. Here are my entries for this week’s challenge. I love blue!!!!!!


  6. Hallo

    hier mein blauer Beitrag

    LG Dani D

  7. Here is my Blue themed card entry this week.

    Hope you like her and thanks for looking

    Love Cynthia x

  8. Hi!! This is my first time participating and I have my contribution posted on my new-this-week blog

  9. Great challenge, love the Blue!!!

    Here’s my card:
    by Samm: Di Hickman August #5 and Wednesday Stamper ‘Blue’


  10. Hello,

    Here’s my entry for this weeks theme.

    Angelina says hi…

  11. Here is my entry for this weeks theme…
    Blue is so lovely

  12. Hello, This is my first WS challenge! Blue is a good color choice, I like working with it! Thanks for the challenge, and thanks for looking at my project here:

  13. I love blue! Here is my entry for this week:


  14. So here I’am for the 2nd time this evening.. I had a little extra time tonight.. so I made another one. You can check it out here:

    Angie says hi again… 😉

  15. loved doing the blue – here is more blue art!

  16. This is my first time submitting to Wednesday Stamper. My contributions to the “Blue” image may be viewed at:
    Hope I am doing this correctly. Referenced to your site by Kelly B. Thanks, Kelly.

  17. I was remiss in not giving a complete URL to view…but Kelly has come to my aid. To view my challenge card:

    Hugs, Gayle

  18. This was the second challenge submitted incorrectly previously…
    To view:

    Thanks for looking. Hugs, Gayle.

  19. This is my first time trying this as well and I am not sure I am doing it correctly. I have place the link to this site on my blog, but cannot seem to find any other link to put here other than my main blog which is
    I apologize if this is not correct. Maybe Kelly will help me out too? LOL

  20. My first card for this challenge.

  21. hallo,
    schön das jetzt wieder wöchentlich ein thema gibt :-)))))
    mein beitrag
    liebe grüße

  22. Here is my entry for this week’s challenge
    Thanks for the challenge!

  23. Die Farbe Blau ist für mich eine wirkliche Herausforderung… 😉
    Hier mein beitrag zu diesem Thema:

    LG, Petra

    PS: Danke für das Ändern meines Links rechts 🙂

  24. Hier mein Beitrag zum Thema Blau.

  25. My first Wednesday Stamper for some weeks

    thanks for looking

  26. After a very busy and strong periode, is this my new entry.


  27. I love the color blue! I had to join in. It’s been too long since I’ve participated. Here’s my entry:

  28. I used the challenge for my first attempt at an altered domino and also my first attempt at arty-style stamping!!

  29. I see we are back up and running. Nice to see everyone back and so enthusiatic. Great way to welcome Fall and Winter.
    Here is mine….

  30. I’ve only done a simple card, but it’s blue !! 😉
    Thanks for looking!

  31. my fave. colour, so I just had to play 🙂

  32. Loving all the blue creations! here is my entry.

    Carmel xx

  33. I did a couple more here
    I’ve been without online access for two days, so I stamped and stamped and stamped some more! It’s amazing what can be accomplished when I step away from the computer! (lol)

  34. some gorgeous entries in this one

    here’s mine.

  35. I think I shouldt have a few more cards in my new blog. So I finished a second one


  36. here is my contribution for this week’s challenge

  37. Love this site. Thought I’ve brave it out and pop a link here. TIA for looking.

  38. Blue’s my favorite color, so I took that as a sign to post here for the very first time.

    Here’s a link to mine!

  39. Finally I made it and made a Wednesdaystamper contribution after a longer absence during the Summer. I really enjoyed the topic “blue”.
    Here you can find my card:

  40. Hello every one,
    Here’s my first attempt at Wednesdaystampers:

  41. Im new to this challenge & would love to play along with you.
    My entry is here

  42. Hi,

    Agest since I’ve had time to take part.

    Here’s my entry for this week’s Blue theme:

    (Galaxy Girl)

  43. Nachdem ich jetzt schon solange auf Grund von Zeitmangel abstinent sein musste, konnt ich heute endlich mal wieder was zum Thema stempeln…


  44. Boah! Was für eine Anzahl von Mitmachern! Irre!
    hier mein Beitrag:

    Beste Grüße von der Ostsee
    Eure Ilka

  45. My entry for this week:

    Just love this color!


  46. It’s nice to be back! Here’s my entry for Blue…

    Thanks for looking!

  47. Hello –

    good to be back and to be able to post an answer to the challenge 🙂

    Take care,


  48. Here is my first entry for the Wednesday Stamper, I look forward to entering on a regular basis when time allows. Here is the link to my site

  49. hallo zusammen,
    hier ist mein beitrag für diese woche

    Liebe Grüße
    Sanja 🙂

  50. Wow, schon wieder so viele Beiträge! Hier ist meiner:

    LG Susi

  51. geez. you ladies are too good!

    so i actually did my tag wednesday night…with school starting though, i got a bit behind.

  52. Haven’t had a computer for a couple of months but now I have can start entering this again! So here’s my attempt for this week….

    Donna xx

  53. This is my humble offering for this week

  54. Great theme loved this challenge

    Here is my contribution

    Off now to have a look at all the work

    Thanks Sarah xx

  55. Hi there

    This is my first challenge! Love the colour blue so here’s my card:

    Hope it’s OK!

  56. Here’s my entry for this weeks challenge, had to enter with blue being my fav. colour:)

  57. I just can’t wait for the next Wednesday Stamper challenge! I’m enjoying a lazy artsy day at home, so I did another “Blue” challenge here 😉

  58. …and because this week’s Gothic Arch challenge was to create something with a “moon” theme, I did…BLUE moon. Ummm, I think I’m addicted.

    If I’m posting too often, I hope you’ll tell me…

  59. Hello, this is my first challenge – and here we go…


  60. Wow!! I am the 102 to send the entry!

    Here is mine!

    Emilia from Taiwan

  61. Wow, more than 100 entries. Here is another entry from me:

  62. My “Blue” challenge for the week. I made another page for my chunky book.

  63. Even though the new Wednesday Stamper challenge is up, I’m STILL doing blue! 😉

    Here’s another

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