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ATC Tryptich

Carmel Trigwell from Australia inspires us this week with her gorgeous and glamorous ATC Tryptich which is the new challenge. (Read here what a tryptich is.) We’re looking forward to your interpretation!

Carmel Trigwell aus Australien inspiriert uns diese Woche mit ihrem wunderschönen und glamourösen ATC Tryptichon für die neue Herausforderung. (Hier kannst Du nachlesen, was ein Tryptichon ist.) Wir freuen uns auf Deine Interpretation!

Carmel Trigwell uit Australië inspireert ons deze week met een prachtige en glamoureuze ATC Tryptiek, dit wordt dus de nieuwe uitdaging. (Hier kun je nalezen wat een tryptiek is). Wij verheugen ons nu al op jullie interpretatie!


72 Responses

  1. “lach” wie gut, dass hermine mich daran erinnert hat, dass heute mittwoch ist, da paßt diese variante, die gerade gestern hochgeladen habe, perfekt.

    lg fatma

  2. Gerade hatte ich drei alte Fotos auf dem Tisch, aus denen ein Geburtstagsgeschenk werden sollte – und hier ist es:
    Danke für die schöne Idee, auf ein Triptychon wäre ich ohne Euch nicht gekommen!

  3. Hier kommt mein Beitrag für diese Woche.
    Was für ein tolles Thema, hat Spaß gemacht. Danke.


  4. My Wizard of Oz ATC Tryptich is on my blog.


  5. Way to go Carmel 🙂

  6. Ein sehr schönes Thema!
    Hier ist mein Beitrag:

  7. Hallo zusammen,
    und hier mein Beitrag:


    Liebe Grüße,

  8. Here is my effort for this week’s challenge.
    I loved it – so very different.
    Thanks for looking.
    Love Cynthia x

  9. This is my enty for this week´s challenge…
    For me – it was hard to realize.

    Thanks for looking…

    With love
    stampingbalou Heike


  10. oh, ich hab auch grad einen tryptichon fertig bekommen. wunderbar!


  11. Finally I managed to make my first entry at Wednesday Stamper! I’ve been visiting this blog for a long time, but haven’t had the time to participate. But – this challenge was too cool to miss 🙂 So, here are mine:


    Thanks for SO much inspiration 🙂

    Åshild, Norway

  12. Off to play. Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. Great challenge, it was fun to do. My ATC is on my blog.


  14. great challenge here is my first attempt at the wednesday stamper challenge


  15. this was a brill challenge, thanks

    here’s my effort!! http://gerardloon.blogspot.com/2007/09/wednesday-stamper-triptych.html

  16. Here is my very first attempt at a Tryptrich. It is a fraction larger than ATC size as I made a mistake with my measurements. Plese go gentle on me!!
    ATC Tryptrich

  17. 🙂 Just had to make one more….


    And – wow, you’ve made beautiful art, girls! I’m filled with inspiration 🙂


  18. Haven’t seen these before, so beautiful!!

    Will be off to check out all the entries 🙂

  19. What a fabulous theme….

    Here is my contribution / interpretation


  20. Fab theme and some great work so far!!

    Here’s my entry :o)


  21. Loved this challenge

    Here is mine

    Off to check out all the great work

    LOL Sarah x

  22. Right, well, apart from not doing ATC’s, and having NO stamping on whatsoever, I did spend a really long time having a go at this challenge, so hope it’s OK!


    Helen x

  23. wow, all the work is amazing. I had been working on this one but it’s not ATC size but still in the style.

    More of a scappy layout as it’s a present for family.

    Cheers, Carmel xx


  24. It takes me long enough to do one, let alone three! LOL
    Loved this challenge – it really made me think.

  25. Here is my triptych! It was not an easy challenge, and I don’t feel my piece is finished yet…


  26. This was the BEST project idea ever!


    It was so fun to make this! Bravo, Wednesday Stamper!

  27. Its been a while since I’ve been able to come and play, but Triptich was too hard to resist. Here is my ATC Triptich.

    Also, I was wondering whether you could change the link to my name (Diane) on the front page of Wed Stamper from my Fotki address to my new blog address http://dianesartyantics.blogspot.com/

    Thanks so much, Diane

  28. WONDERFUL challenge! Lots of pleasure working with this one, Thanks!


  29. Hi all! Thanks for your kind comments on my last entry – it is really appreciated:-))

    Here’s the one for this week:


    Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend!

    Best, Charlotte

  30. i really enjoyed this challenge! heres my piece 🙂


  31. Hi everyone,

    Somehow the wrong link has been added to my name on the front page. My tryptich is here if you’d like to see it:


    Thanks, Diane

  32. This was truly a unique challenge. Had great fun putting it together AND the first time I have posted back to Wednesday Stamper! Thanks!


  33. http://scrapsville.blogspot.com/2007/09/wednesday-stamper_16.html

    All done. My mojo went walkies but now it is back. Whoopee. Thanks for some great inspiration.

  34. Here is my entry this week. Great challenge – I can see me using this quite a wee bit – thanks ;o)


  35. Thanks for the challenge girls – here is mine:


  36. Well, I really wasn’t happy with the first one I posted, so I completely rebuilt it.


    This is the fourth time I’ve done it over. I think I’m finally happy with it.

    Thanks again for the challenge!

  37. Okay here’s mine, fun challenge…..thanks 🙂


  38. mein Beitrag für diese Woche

  39. What a great challenge this was. Loved the example and loved working on one myself. Hope you like what I came up with:



  40. My oriental tryptic is on my blog http://carocrafts.blogspot.com/2007/09/giggles-and-ostrich-burgers.html

    Thanks for an interesting challenge


  41. I’m a little late on this one, but I really liked the theme and wanted to try it. I made two and really like how they turned out. — Pam

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