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This week we challenge you to make a CHARM using stamps. It may be a charm for a necklace or bracelet, whatever you fancy with any material you like. Let us see how we can make ourselves even more beautiful.

Diese Woche fordern wir Dich heraus, einen CHARM zu machen und dabei Stempel zu verwenden. Es kann ein Charm für eine Kette oder ein Armband sein, was immer Dir gefällt und aus egal welchem Material. Zeige uns, wie wir uns noch mehr verschönern können (aber Hermine, das brauchen wir doch nun wirklich nicht! hihi).

Deze week dagen wij jullie uit om een CHARM te maken met behulp van stempels. Het mag een charm zijn voor aan een ketting of armband, wat jezelf het meeste aanspreekt met wat voor materiaal je het liefste werkt. Laat ons zien hoe we onszelf nog meer kunnen verfraaien.

68 Responses

  1. Charms sind immer klasse …

  2. Great theme here is my contribution


    Hugs Sarah xx

  3. ohhhhhhhh wie cool, wo ich gerad so charming bin;))

  4. Wow great theme. This is my first charm. Thanks for looking.


  5. Here is my link: http://herminesplace.wordpress.com/2008/01/30/wednesday-stamper-charm/
    Have fun playing around.
    Warm regards Hermine

  6. here is my entry

  7. ihr seid schuld, wenn die küche kalt bleibt;)

  8. This is really fun, here is my charm! I love it when I get to use my soldering iron.


  9. I love the charm of adding the charms to the stamping. Also, should you stop by, you will see evidence of my button dollz obsession, inspired by all of you.



  10. And another charms from me 🙂 Thanks for looking.


  11. A nice challenge!!! Had a lot of fun making the charm. This is my entry for this week:


    Hope you like it!!!


  12. Here is my necklace…which I am tickled pink with! This happened to come together soooo easily for me and what fun.


  13. It’s been a long time since I participated, but I gave it a try again this week. It’s my first charm, so I hope you like it.


  14. Here are my charming charms – well I think so!
    Thanks for looking and the challenge.
    Love Cynthia x


  15. Charming indeed and very imaginative challenge!


  16. Hello you guys,
    another great challenge! I haven’t had much time to play along these days, but I would like to show you some charms I made last year for a swap:
    Love – Sigrid

  17. Fabulous theme! Here’s my entry:

    Thanks for looking!


  18. Sorry mines a touch late, Im going away tomorrow so it was a push to complete.

    Key/bag chain

  19. I’ve added mine to my blog now, apologies for the quality of the photo. 😦


  20. eine super gelegenheit, endlich dinge zu vollenden;)

  21. I enjoyed this one very much, keep the challenges coming. here is my effort http://densbloggers.blogspot.com/2008/01/wednesday-stamper-challenge-charms.html

  22. What a coincidence. Just looked at this week’s challenge and discovered it’s charms so I guess the little tag I made today fits perfectly! http://alcoholinky.blogspot.com/2008/01/day-at-home.html

  23. Hope this fits, i made a charm as an embelishment for a card… it was stamped! http://paperandpearls.blogspot.com

  24. This is my first challenge here and boy was this one a CHALLENGE!


  25. hallo zusammen,
    hier ist mein charm 🙂


  26. finally finished….charm for a card TFL

  27. Love this challenge 😀 Here’s what I came up with:



  28. Hi!
    I’ve got an idea for one of these next weeks.

  29. Hier kommt noch ein zweiter Beitrag von mir:

  30. An interesting challenge =0) My piece is on my Blog.


  31. mein beitrag zu eurem wochenthema
    liebe grüße

  32. Hello everyone,

    Here is my entry for this week!

  33. Here are my two favorites. What an unusual and enjoyable challenge!

  34. My take on the challenge for this week. Made a Valentine embellishment. The girl got a heart and the glass was stamped with Stass on. The other side is clear I think.


  35. Hi, friends,
    …here is my entry for this week:



  36. Thank you for the challenge !
    Here’s my entry :

    (Polymer Clay, alcohol inks, perfect pearl and acrylic paints).

  37. my submission

    thanks for your inspiration .

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