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This week I challenge you to come out from behind your book and make a bookmark. So that after having had a relaxing read you can put a gorgeous piece of artwork in there to enjoy it even more.

Diese Woche fordere ich Dich heraus, hinter Deinen Buch hervorzukommen und ein Lesezeichen zu machen. Nachdem Du entspannt gelesen hat, kannst Du Deine wunderschönes Werk hineintun und es noch mehr genießen.

Deze week daag ik jullie uit om je neus uit de boeken te halen en een boekenlegger te maken. Zodat je nadat je heerlijk hebt gelezen je prachtige kunstwerkje erin kunt stoppen, dat is nog meer genieten.

80 Responses

  1. thanks for a fun challenge! finally made my own🙂


  2. Here is mine. You will find some clos-ups on my blog because it hardly did fit my scanner:
    Warm regards and have fun playing

  3. Good morning ladies… I made a couple before, but didn’t show them, so thank you for this theme!!🙂


  4. Wonderful Theme, her is mine. Thanks for looking.


  5. SORRY! Mixed up my link. Take Two — here’s a bookmark I made that was recently published:

  6. Fab challenge, I’ve been meaning to make a bookmark for ages. It’s on my blog.


  7. This Challenge was right up my alley, Im a complete Bookworm.
    Here is mine


    Thanks Sarah xx

  8. http://vintagewil.blogspot.com/

    Dit is mijn bijdrage geworden.

  9. I hope I’m not disqualified, can’t help it, I’m a sucker for cute stamps too…

    You can find my bookmark here:

    Thanks for looking!

  10. here’s my entry for my bookmarks :


  11. Fantastic theme. I make quite a lot of bookmarks but fancied a new one.

  12. Hi everyone
    great theme, love making bookmarks

    here’s mine


    isa xx

  13. Hier kommen meine Lesezeichen:

  14. Here is my bookmark:


  15. This is my first entry with Wednesday Stamper! What fun! =)


    Thank you for the prompt~

  16. The creative mojo is flowing. Here is my entry! http://hammond-eggs.blogspot.com

  17. Here’s my bookmark…had a lot of fun with this challenge. http://pandoras-artbox.blogspot.com/2008/02/wednesdays-daily-artchallenges.html

    Thanks for looking!

  18. Wonderful challenge!

    My beeswax coated torso tag here:


  19. Hello from France !!!

    This is my first entry to this challenge !!!

    Here’s my bookmark ! Thank’s for looking and your comments !!!


    Bye ! Val

  20. Here’s mine…


    Thanks again for the challenge :0)

  21. Great theme, I love reading and bookmarks !!
    This is my entry, thanks for looking !

  22. I’ve made a bookmark for my grandson. You can see it on my blog at http://inknrubba.blogspot.com/2008/02/owl-and-pussycat.html

  23. Here’s one for my little grandson 🙂


  24. achja ich gewöhn mich langsam dran, zu den schnecken hier zu gehören;)

  25. Grins, einen Tag später… und schon eine Schnecke? Hier ist mein Lesezeichen:


  26. I haven’t participated in a long time. I had fun making a few bookmarks today!

  27. I know I am late – but nevertheless I would like to participate with one of my bookmarks in a little pocket (just a cute one…).

    Thank you so much for this challenge and for looking… ;o)

    Yours, Heike ;o)


  28. I made a couple of simple ones ~

  29. Here’s mine:
    Wish I had more time to participate in the challenges…

  30. Toevallig gisteren een boekenlegger gemaakt, dus kan ik hier ook eens wat posten, leuk!


  31. Here’s mine:
    Thanks Hermine for the fun theme. And thanks to Godelieve for the great design I saw on her blog.

  32. schönes thema – vielen dank!!!

    hier kommt mein eintrag: http://kreativkram.wordpress.com/2008/02/22/lesezeichen-mit-umschlag/

    danke für’s schauen!

  33. http://dreamingofcastles.blogspot.com/2008/02/wednesday-stamper-bookmark.html

    At first I had a brain block and then it just started to flow… I am really happy how it turned out!!!

  34. Here is my Entry.

  35. Here is my late entry for this lovely challenge.
    Thanks for looking http://rainbowladyscraftyblog.blogspot.com/2008/02/dare-to-follow-your-dreams.html

    and I hope you will look at my new challenge blog too


    Love Cynthia x

  36. Here’s my second entry:
    Bookmark on a card

    and I posted templates too, because I received emails about them:
    Templates bookmarks

  37. It’s been a while since I last played, but this was a theme that I just had to take part in:


  38. I’ve had such fun making these for my grand-boys and my sisters this week. Thanks for such a useful challenge!😉


  39. I really enjoyed creating a bookmark. I’ve never made anything like that for myself. I give all of those away usually. I made a book clip for a marker, instead of the usual type of bookmark. Very fun challenge.

  40. Here is my entry for the beautiful bookmarks topic:
    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  41. Thanks for a great challenge! I had a lot of fun making these….


    have a great day🙂


  42. Another entry from me this week. I need to make 1 more so who knows, I might manage to post a third:


  43. Here is my bookmark… a special thank you to the ladies behind ‘Wednesday Stamper’. Your weekly challenge gives me the motivation and excuse to have fun creating!


  44. Sorry – have had to repost work throug new blog. Enjoy!


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