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*** Bi-weekly Summer schedule: next challenge on 16 July! ***
2-Wochen-Sommerfahrplan: nächste Herausforderung am 16. Juli

Inspired by Manja’s fabulous ATCs we challenge you to get newsy and use NEWSPAPER scraps somehow somewhere in your artwork! Just remember to use at least one rubberstamp.

Inspiriert von Manja’s herrlichen ATCs fordern wir Dich heraus die Nase in die ZEITUNG zu stecken und Schnipsel davon irgenwie irgendwo in Deiner Kreation zu verwenden! Nicht vergessen, mind. ein Stempelchen einzusetzen.

Geinspireerd door Manja’s prachtige ATC’s dagen we jullie uit je neus in een KRANT te steken en kranteknipsels te gebruiken in je werk. Vergeet niet minstens een stempel te gebruiken.

Inspiré par Manja’s merveilleux ATCs, le challenge est d’utiliser des morceaux de JOURNAL quelquepart n’importe comment dans ta création! N’oublies pas d’utiliser au moins un tampon.


62 Responses

  1. Wow great Theme.
    Here is mine.
    Thanks for looking.


  2. My entry for this exciting challenge is on my blog. Thanks for having a look.

  3. This has been fun! Here´s my Altered Cabinet Card:

  4. Here is my entry
    Thank you for looking!

  5. Here is my newspaper entry.


  6. great challenge ..check out my alice on on my blog

  7. My Arabian entry is here …
    Mein Arabischer Beitrag ist hier …

  8. What a cool challenge! Thanks – it went well with my news!!!


  9. great theme, I’ve used a newspaper print background stamp

  10. Great theme, mine’s on my blog
    Thanks for looking

  11. My entry is on my blog .

  12. What fun this theme was! Here is mine:


  13. Here is mine.Thanks for looking!

  14. Come visit the HIghlands of Scotland today, Thanks for looking
    Love Cynthia x


  15. This was fun! I had no idea what I was going to do, or where it would end up. Here’s my ATC. Thanks for looking!


  16. I’m so glad to be back after a week-long holiday. Here’s my entry.


  17. For my challenge newspaper click my name thanks for comming

  18. http://lizisfrizstuffusa.blogspot.com/
    I did the challenge. Please go to my blog. – Lizi

  19. Please click on my name above to view my challenge art.

  20. I did a happy 4th of July celebration for my newspaper theme. You can check it out on my blog,


  21. Hi, here is my entry, been a while…thanks for looking.


    Carmel x


  22. My newspaper is on my blog!


  23. heres mine, I made my butterfly from newspaper with a stamped background, hope you like!
    shaz x

  24. I had almost too much fun with this one. Made quite a few cards with this theme! But here is my entry. thank you for such a fun challenge. You always keep the creativity going.

  25. My first challenge for a long time…
    Good to see all the fabulous blogs again.


  26. Mijn bijdrage.
    De achtergrond is een krant die ik met de kreukel techniek heb ge-embossed.
    Niet zo heel goed meer te zien dat het een krant is…..

  27. Here is my newspapery ATC effort.




  28. Here’s mine

  29. Here is my contribution…this was fun, I enjoyed it. I’ve been too busy to collage lately but the time was right for this challenge. Hope everyone is enjoying a beautiful summer.


  30. Hallihallo,
    hier komt mein Beitrag zu dem aktuellen Thema
    Liebe Grüße

  31. Wow, this is a record! I am number 55 in the comment list and it’s only around 1:30 p.m. Wednesday here! Here is my entry:


  32. From a virgin Wednesday Stamper – I hope my attempt is acceptable.

    You can see it here

    Off you look at some of the other entrants.

  33. Here’s mine – a lot of us seem to have enjoyed this theme!


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