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Admin: Happy Birthday WS!!

Yes, this is already the 2nd WS Birthday! I totally missed the first one. We first went live TWO YEARS AGO on 19 July 2006!! And are still up and running! That is because of each and every one of YOU!! To celebrate this event duly, I did some research and

Sija, Rein, Marion, Johanna and Fatma

have been our most keen participants over the past two years. They will each receive a 25 € gift certificate and can do the happy shopping dance.

Yet Hermine tops them all and is today’s WS challenge Queen! Ever since her first participation she has been amazingly eager to share with us her incredible talent and has always been one of the first ones to share new artwork. No idea how she does it!! 🙂

But of course I also want to celebrate with the remaining participants and have created FIVE Wednesday Stamper mixed-media grab bags. If current or past participants are interested in winning one, just leave a comment and indicate whether you’d prefer just collage style UM stamps or a mix which will also include Zettiology.

Yours truly, Belinda

P.S. Thank you all for the kind wishes! And most of all for these fabulous birthday cards:


                       Barbara Hagerty                     Barbara Hurst                     Johanna


                                     Petra                                                            Sija


The grab bag winners are :

Barbara Hagerty, Barbara Hurst and Petra Tillmann (see above) and Cynthia and Liesbeth!

80 Responses

  1. Herlichen Glückwunsch WS!!!!
    hab dran gedacht ,aber doch vorgessen *lach*
    mein erster beitrag für WS war 12.08.06 (puh…wie die zeit rennt *g) und bis jetzt bin ich mehr oder weniger immer dabei gewesen. durch WS hab ich viele nette blogger aus inland und ausland kenngelernt und viele inspiration gesammelt.
    vielen dank WS team und alle mitmacher:0)))))

  2. Congratulations Belinda and team!! I’m so glad to join every week. Hope you can keep this blog alive for many more years

  3. Danke für zwei Jahre Mittwochstempler – thanks for this great idea!
    Marion (doing the happy shopping dance, yeah!)

  4. Happy Birthday Wednesday Stamper! I have been watching for a while now, but am yet to play along! Love all the gorgeous works of art that everyone shares each week! There are some very talented people out there! 🙂

  5. Herzlichen Glückwunsch Wednesday Stamper!
    Es macht immer Spass mitzumachen, mach weiter so! 🙂

  6. happy 2nd birthday…be proud be very very proud.

    hermine is my art angel ..i love her work.
    well donr to you all.
    chriss x

  7. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum 2. Geburtstag.
    Eine der schönsten Challenge-Sites. I Love it. 😀

    Macht weiter so. Hugs

  8. Congratulations! Keep the challenges and creativity going on!!

  9. Happy Birthday Wednesday stamper – I have been playing along for 16 weeks now since I first found this wonderful site. I am awed and inspired by the stunning work produced and displayed here.

    Hope it keeps going for many years to come

    I’d love to receive one of your grab bags and would be happy with anything – fingers crossed

    Hugs and happy crafting


  10. Happy Birthday to Each of you who let the WS live. I remember the start of WS http://stamping-art.typepad.com/stampingart/2006/07/wednesday_stamp.html
    Thanks to Belinda, Hermine and Tina for your weekly inspiration.


    Hooray to Belinda and all for this fabulous milestone!! You bet I’d love to win a grab bag…..including the zettiology, please!!

    In the meantime, I’m off to make a WS Happy Birthday card!!

  12. Congratulations!!!
    Belinda, Hermine& Tina you all did a great job by making us think in art every week. I try to play every week and hope you will go on for a very long time!

  13. happy birthday!!
    i just found your site and have yet to play-and would love my name put in your grab bag hat!!
    have fun and eat lots of cake!!!
    enjoy your day

  14. Moin,
    ich gratuliere euch und uns allen zu diesem Geburtstag…………..ich bin auf jeden Mittwoch gespannt und auf eure Ideen, komme leider nur so wenig dazu, mitzumachen!!
    Macht weiter so, habt viel Freude und tolle Ideen!!

  15. wow, 2 years already….. I discovered this challenge site about a year ago, although not every week having time to join, but love it. I get a lot of inspiration from you all!!
    And ofcourse I’d like to win a grabbag:-) I am totally in love with zettiology!


  16. Happy Happy 2nd Birthday Mittwochstempler!!! Your challenge blog has been a source of SO much enjoyment and inspiration for me since I first started playing back in Nov 07. That was soon after I first started blogging. It definitely is a happy, friendly and fun place to visit! Thank you all for all the time and energy you put into the challenges! Here’s looking ahead to many many more years of fun!!! Oh, and a giveaway, now that’s very sweet. I would really enjoy some zetti or anything would be just Lovely. Thank you * Cheers 🙂 🙂 🙂

  17. Many Happy Returns of the day, Wednesday Stamper! I hope you get lots of nice cake!

  18. Happy birthday to WS and congratulations for the whole team!

  19. Auch ich möchte euch ganz herzlich gratulieren und hoffe das ihr noch lange viel Freude daran habt uns neue Herausforderungen zu geben. Was wäre ein Mittwoch ohne Euch 🙂

  20. Congratulations too all of you!!! Fantastic!!
    Go on girls 🙂

    It’s allways nice to take a change soo…….i’dd like too win one of your grabbags 🙂

  21. congratulations on your 2nd birthday. I am a relative newcomer and always look forward to Wednesdays as the standard is superb and is inspirational. You are very kind offering all these prizes ..if I win I would love a mixed..Congratulations to Hermine and the other faithful participants on winning their prizes..you will have to show us what art you have created with them.

  22. Congratulations to all of the winners and a big smile and hugs for this lovely blog to Belinda , Hermine and Tina !
    XOX Rini

  23. Big ups to you Belinda & Co.
    This is one of my favorite blogs to peep out. So much inspiration at my fingertips!


  24. Wednesday Stamper has become a source of inspiration and motivation for a LOT of stampers, me included. Happy birthday WS and many happy returns of the day 🙂

  25. happy birthday wednesday stamper! and congratulations on 2 years of great challenges and inspiration! thankyou for the chance to win a grab bag,i’d choose mixed

  26. Happy birthday.. its great that this (one of the first proper challange blogs) is still going strong..
    If I was lucky enough to get picked out I would like collage stamps..

    good luck everyone!

  27. Happy Birthday , Wednesday Stamper …!! 😀
    You’re doing a very great job every week, thanks for everything !! I take here lots of inspiration and I love to participate !!
    I hope you will go on for at least the next 2…. 20……. 200 jears ! Good luck ! 🙂

    Liesbeth XX

    PS: I love Zettiology !

  28. Happy Birthday!! I’m sooo glad that I found this FAB challenge, I really like to play with you.
    Good Luck !
    Anne S.

    p.s. I like mixed

  29. Congratulations Belinda and team!! I am a lurkrt for a long time now , I really would like to join, but I still can’t figger out how it works to place the links..
    Hermine is my ART-GURU !!!
    I know I don’t have a chance to win , but I love Zettiology ..
    Cheers everyone !!

  30. Congrats to all the Wednesday Stampers! Keep on going. I simply love this challenge site, even though I cannot participate each and every week.
    Dymphie (who loves zetti *lol*)

  31. Happy Birthday Wednesdaystampers!!!
    I really like to play with your challenge.
    Wish you good luck!!!

  32. Happy Happy Birthday Wednesday Stampers!! Love participating when I can! Love the sound of all of the grab-bags. Congrats to Belinda et al – you are doing a marvellous job!

  33. Happy Birthday Wednesday Stamper!! This is the first challenge blog I ever partcipated in. Many have sprung up since then but Wednesday Stamper is still the queen of blog challenges. Congrats to you.
    (I’d be happy to receive whatever you’d like to send:)

  34. Happy Birthday! I really like play with you. Good luck!

  35. Congratulations on 2 years of inspiration!! It is a pleasure to visit this blog and be inspired to make and create new art. Wednesday has got a new dimention!!
    Keep it up!!!

  36. Congratulations to the WS and to the 5 winners, too. I hope for many more years of this blog 🙂

  37. happy 2nd birthday .hope you can challenge us for many years .
    ps : love to win one of your grabag

  38. happy birthday wednesday stamper and long may you reign!
    and I would Love a grab bag of any description!

  39. Well, isn’t that special…Happy Birthday!!! to WS…you sure have encouraged me time and again to participate and enrich life with art! Collage is my favorite.

  40. Oh, happy, happy birthday!!! Thank you for the opportunity to win something!! I feel like I win each week with all the lovely energy you put into these challenges!! I was not much of a stamper until I found this site. So thank you, thank you, thank you!!! and I love zettiology!!!!

  41. Happy Birthday, Wednesday Stamper. I am still fairly new to your challenges but thoroughly enjoy participating as well as learning from so many talented artists. My preference in stamps is unmounted but anything is fine.

  42. A huge birthday wish to Belinda/Hermine/Tina for running such a fantastic site – and to all the people who particpate, such amazing art out there, the world is one big gallery and we get to ‘virtually’ walk through it everyday.

    Much hugs for all your wonderful efforts.

    Carmel xxx

  43. Happy Birthday #2. Love your blog and challenges. I also love collage stamps.

  44. Wow two years! Happy Birthday – it is everytime a pleasure take part in your challenge!


  45. Happy Birthday it’s always fun to make cards for the challenges.
    I don’t have stamps that i can use for every challenge but love to win some stamps. I like everything so i would love to go for the mix

  46. Very funky card! Happy Birthday!!!!

  47. Happy BIrthday WS.
    I love doing your challenges and will continue to do so for as long as you continue.
    Long may you live and well done to all the winners.
    Love Cynthia x

  48. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag.
    Danke für 2 tolle Jahre voller Inspirationen und tollen Ideen. Dank auch an die vielen Teilnehmer, die hier ihre tollen Werke zeigen.
    Mein Favorit ist das Collage-Stempeln.
    Liebe Grüße

  49. Happy Happy Birthday…. I think WS was one of the first challenges I ever took part in and I haven’t looked back! Long may you all continue to get the mojos going!
    Congrats to all the winners… and Hermine is simply, very special!
    I’d love the Mix if I should be so lucky! 🙂

  50. Happy Birthday to you – two years … and a lot of inspiration for us.Thank you for everything!
    I love the mix of your ideas and mixed stamps,too – they make me fulfilling all my “stamping-dreams”.I´m happy about one more.
    Herzlichen Glückwunsch -zwei Jahre … und eine Menge Anregungen für uns.Danke für Alles!Ich mag Euren Ideen-Mix und auch den Stempelmix,weil er mich all meine Stempelträume verwirklichen lässt.Ich freu mich auf ein weiteres Jahr , Gabi

  51. Happy 2nd Birthday Wednesday Stamper!!!! Thanks for providing us with wonderful challenges that keep us inspired to work with rubber!

    Collage stamps would be my first choice if I’m lucky enough to win!

  52. congratulations!!!! and yes I would love to win a grab bag, including zettiology please!

  53. I know this will be a long list to send HB wishes to the gang over at WS. I look forward every Wednesday to see what everyone is coming up with. Congrats to all of you. You really make my Wednesday’s.

    I love Zetts!!!

  54. Hello, congratulations on this second birthday. I love the challenges you give and try to participate as much. But it is a joy to look what all the others have made. So I often take a look. Hope you will keep on running these challenges.
    ges! Kind regards,

  55. Congratulations on reaching this milestone!!! This is such a fun challenge and I appreciate all the hard work that goes into making it run smoothly. Yes, I would like to be in the drawing for the grab bag – non-zetti, please. Thanks.


  56. It just wouldn’t be Wednesday unless I did a card for you all. Happy Birthday to all of us and SMILE:)


  57. Oh happy happy birthday to you! I drop in everyweek to see the fabulous art…I wish I could participate more!

    Have a great 2 year anniversary/birthday!

  58. Happy Birthday! Love your weekly challenges!

    Please enter me in your draw! Your prizes are so generous – thanks for offering them!

  59. Happy Birthday Belinda, Hermine,Tina !!!!
    Love your challenges!!

  60. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WOW…already two years! I love WS, but the last time I couldn´t participate as much as I would like to…..will be more in the future!!!

    If I should be the lucky one to win a grabbag….I like both of your mixes….

    Hugs Sabine

  61. Happy Birthday WS! If I were lucky enough to win, I’d say collage – but only if my arm was twisted lol

  62. Congratulations!! What an accomplishment. Hope Wednesday Stamper continues for a long time. Winning a grab bag would be so cool! My preference is collage.

  63. Happy Birthday Wednesday Stamper! That’s quite an accomplishment. Even if I can’t participate every week your site is always a wonderful source of inspiration for me. May there be many more creative years for you and all of us!

  64. Congratulations on your second birthday. This site is filled with the most wonderful inspiration, and always a joy to take part in!

  65. Congrats!!! I’ve only just found you and participated a few times but plan to do that in the future, too.

    UM would be great if luck happens to strike my way.


  66. Congratulations and thanks very much for all the fantastic challenges! And please, go on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Two years, congratulations, may you be around for many more, and thanks for offering us a chance to win a prize. Of the two my choice would be a grab bag

  68. Happy 2nd Birthday WS! I love to join in when I can and am always inspired by the other participants work. Thank you for the opportunity to win something – I’d be happy with anything!


  69. Happy birthday WS. Kinder wie die Zeit vergeht. Mein erstes Mal bei den WS war im Oktober 2006, macht weiter so – ihr habt immer wieder tolle Themen!!!

    Grüße Dani D

    Ps vielleicht könntet ihr mich nochmal in die Blogroll einstellen?

  70. Waw! Two years, happy birthday and may you still be around for many, many years! I`m not that old in the challenge/stamping/…world, but I do like your challenges so much!

  71. Bows and applause to Hermine! A very well deserved art crown for being queen of inspiration! And for Belinda…
    Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday dear Wednesday Stamper!…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!

  72. Happy Birthday Wednesday Stamper and applause to you all!!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win something – I’d be happy with anything! Fingers crossed 🙂

  73. Happy Birthday!!!
    Love your challenge.
    I hope your challenge forever.

  74. congratulations WS! I have only recently found my way here, but I will be back for sure!
    I’d be happy with anything!

  75. “schweißvonderstirnwisch” liegt wohl an den hohen ozonwerten, denn ich habe ja völlig verpeilt, dass hier der bär steppt;)) herzlichen glückwunsch an das mws team. ohne euch, wäre ich nie und nimmer zu einem blogger geworden;) ohne euch, hätte ich so manche knifflige aufgabe nie ausprobiert, ohne euch hätte ich nicht so viele tolle, kreative seiten entdeckt. mit euch ist die welt ein kleines stückchen mehr zusammengerückt……….. zumindest die stempelwelt;)
    macht weiter so und ich freue mich auf viele neue herausforderungen

  76. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!
    Kein Mittwoch ohne einen Blick auf euer neues Thema (ob die Zeit dann reicht ist ja leider eine andere Sache …).
    Macht weiter so!!!

  77. Happy Belated Birthday !!
    Just want to say that I love Collage Stamp eventhough I’m too late to participate.

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