• Mittwochstempler

    Jeden Mittwoch gibt's hier eine neue Herausforderung für den Mixed-Media Künstler, der u.a. auch gerne mit Stempeln arbeitet. Hoffentlich findest Du Anregung und Inspiration, bei uns mitzumachen.
  • Abschiedsherausforderung

    Mind. ein Stempelchen
  • Wie bin ich dabei …

    Zeige Dein Projekt (u.V. mind. eines Stempels) in einem Eintrag auf Deinem Blog/Journal/ Picturetrail... und erwähne Mittwochstempler mit einem Direktlink. Dann schreib uns einen Kommentar mit dem Permalink zu Deinem Beitrag.
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    Wenn Du einen Vorschlag für eine neue Herausforderung hast, dann schreib uns einfach einen Kommentar!
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    Mit Deiner Teilnahme bist Du damit einverstanden, dass wir evtl. einen Teil Deiner Kreation in unserem ständig wechselnden Blogheader verwenden. Solltest Du damit nicht einverstanden sein, so teile uns dies einfach in einem Kommentar mit.
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22 Responses

  1. Works well, dankeschön Belinda!

  2. Hi Belinda, I can’t seem to get this to work in typepad. Any suggestions?

  3. Kristy and anyone else having problems. I’m no techno and so new to html. Mine worked without a problem at all. Christine tried several times and then in the end had to copy it to her own server. You may pick it up from her site, she also has typepad. But hers wouldn’t work for example with Svenja either! So for Svenja, I copied the button from Audrey. Go figure!! Hope this helps. If not, holler …

  4. Hi Belinda, I have tried a few times to load it, and it won’t work. I copied your link exactly. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  5. Moin, endlich habe ich es auch mal geschafft und mich zum Thema “Herzen” ausgelassen … Leider habe ich nur ein Yahoo-Foto-Album, hoffentlich ist das okay. Liebe Grüße Silvia

  6. Hallöle!

    Mir gefällt die Seite richtig gut. 😉 Ich würde gerne mal mitmachen. 😉 Kann ich noch etwas zum Thema Hand machen oder muss ich das dann immer Mittwochs machen? Gibt es schon ein Thema für die nächste Woche?

    Liebe Grüße

  7. Thanks for the button, I saved one on my photobucket and linked from there, is that okay?

  8. Yes Dymphie, of course!

  9. hello Im having trouble with the link back it doesnt seeem to want to work in my blog….i expect i am doing something wrong. Appreciate any help Thanks Sarah

  10. Just wanted to let you know that your link button code is broken. I wanted to link you on my site but I get a message that the image is deleted or moved.

  11. Francesca, thanks for the feedback, but it works perfectly. Have a look on my blog and the others.

  12. Yay! Fourth time lucky, it’s working now. Thanks Belinda 🙂

  13. Hello

    I love your challenge site! I have started a new site and am looking for a link exchange! We are http://inspirational-muse.blogspot.com/ we run a bit differently then yours where we feature artists and they choose the theme. Our first theme we had to choose to get us started. I have already added you to our blog and am looking for the same. If you would be so kind! Us challenge sites need to stick together! Come check us out!!
    Thanks so much!

  14. Belinda!
    In trying to copy the button to my blog, I discovered why it was giving people trouble . . . when I copied and pasted the above, I got an extra set of quotation marks and it wouldn’t work- but maybe that hapenned when I pasted into blogger? It should read like this:

    With just one set of quotations around the links to wednesday stamper & picturetrail.

    I hope that helps others – I now have it on my blog, yay!
    I also wanted to ask you how you liked Word Press as a blog? I have been using blogger for a year now . . . but it looks like their might be more options here??
    : )) Lenna

  15. Lenna, there need to be 2 set of quotation marks, one for the site reference and one for the image source. I suppose if there are problems then it’s the respective blog host/site that causes them. WordPress is swell! 🙂

  16. The white-black will work. There is a number to many in the last set.
    When you look at the one you cannot copy the last 4 numbers are 1959 in stead of 19659. (Leave out the 6) And then it will work.

    @Lenna! You rock :)) there are 2 sets of quotations, it did not work with me, then I removed the *extra*, and there it is yeah!!

  17. Thank you Belinda! I am looking into wordpress : )

  18. I must be thick just can’t figure how I post a comment with a link to my blog, please help
    Jeannie newton

  19. Echt ein klasse Blog, werde sicherlich noch das ein oder andere mal hier reinschauen! Deine Posts sind auch echt super! Lieben Gruss

  20. Darn it, I got it to work by removing the extra quotes but now I find the image has been removed. Bring it back pleeeeease.

  21. Ah ok no problem, I found the top one instead – thank you.

  22. Great new blinkies.

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